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We provide a range of cyber security services protecting Australian businesses from cyber criminals and digital threats.

Our Cyber Security Services

Stop cyber attacks from ruining your business.
Our security experts will keep your business safe.

Discover vulnerable entry points in your web applications, corporate networks, wireless networks and cloud infrastructure.
Over 90% of the data breaches start with a single phishing email, and the most common cyber security threat in Australia is phishing. We can protect your organisation from the latest and the most sophisticated phishing threats.
Social engineering preys on human weaknesses. We will train your employees to identify and respond to social engineering and phishing. We raise awareness through the use of instructor lead training and real-life phishing simulations with measurable results.
Intellectual property theft? Business Email Compromise? Ransomware infection? Hacking? Our forensic IT experts ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked. We can help you at any stage of an investigation in collecting, preserving, assessing and analysing digital evidence from a wide range of data sources including desktop, servers, tablets and smartphones.

Does your organisation have obligations under the Privacy Act (Cth) or GDPR to notify of data breaches? We can investigate the root cause of an incident and reconstruct the chain of events that lead to the data breach.

Are your cyber security challenges unique? Our experts can provide tailored solutions to keep your business safe. We can make recommendations on appropriate corporate governance models for your business to help manage cyber security risk. We can work as an extension of your existing information security team, your IT staff or your vendors with you to solve your most burning issues.

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Leverage our security expertise and services that will keep your business safe. Our cyber security consultants can help you defend your business from cybercriminals, hacking, phishing and ransomware.

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Why Choose Iron Bastion for Your Business

We Are the Real Experts

Our team has the right skills and experience that will keep your business safe and sound. We have done so for the past 20 years working in large national and multinational organisations.

We have hundreds of years of combined experience in computer security, penetration testing, and cloud infrastructure. Our experts are highly-specialised in security incident management and data breach investigations.

Iron Bastion deliver cyber security services to high-profile clients from the finance, telecommunications, retail, legal and media industries. We proudly operate our managed service platform for a diverse range of clients in Australia and overseas.

We only hire customer-focused technical specialists, not profit-driven salespeople in order to provide your business with the highest quality, honest and appropriate solutions.

Our Services Are Different

Our company is small, local with friendly staff based in Sydney, Australia. This combination allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs and to give you our full and undivided attention.

We are not like other generic IT providers, ‘body shopping’ is not our cup of tea. We have real security and technology experts working for your success. Our staff are always a phone call away! We have no complicated IVR, or offshore call centres who follow scripts.

As our team is based in Australia, so we know the ins and outs of cyber attacks targeting Australian businesses.

Our Cyber Security Experts

All our experts possess complementing skills and experience to assure you that your business is in safe hands.

Gabor Szathmari
Cyber Security Consultant

Gabor is an information security consultant and researcher with over ten years of experience in the private and public sector.

He helped big-name clients in the finance, online retail, transportation, healthcare and energy sectors with security incident management and security breach investigations.

He is not only a certified expert in information security but also a qualified Electrical Engineer and Economist.

Nicholas Kavadias
Cyber Security Consultant and Legal Expert

Nicholas is a technology and legal expert with over 20 years of industry experience working in industries including telecommunications, banking, retail and healthcare.

He has worked in a variety of technical areas including business analytics, information security and software development.

He is also admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales.