Digital Forensics Services

Our forensic experts provide computer forensics services for Australian businesses.


What Computer Forensics Are

Your business may need to reconstruct the chain of events in certain situations.

Digital investigations can help in cases when:

  • your former employees stealing your intellectual property before leaving your organisation; or

  • criminals broke into the work mailbox of your staff with the intention to scam your clients or your vendors in Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud or Payment Redirection Fraud;

  • a ransomware variant encrypts your irreplaceable files and holds them locked away unless a hefty ransom is paid;

  • the root cause and scope of a data breach needs to be determined for the mandatory report of the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme.

What Computer Forensics Are
How a Forensic IT Expert Can Help You

How a Forensic IT Expert Can Help You

Our forensic experts can discover evidence from a wide variety of devices as part of the digital investigations.

We can acquire electronic evidence from devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and flash drives. Digital investigations may also obtain data from applications like databases or web servers. We can analyse evidence collected on cloud services such as Office 365, G Suite and Amazon Web Services.

Our digital forensics investigators will produce and provide you with a written report with the relevant findings detailed. We can also testify in court as an expert witness as required.


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Iron Bastion’s computer forensics experts ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked and that it helps at every stage of an investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of the data sources.