Phishing Awareness Training

We all make mistakes. Social engineering is praying on human errors. Phishing often involves inexperienced employees clicking on embedded links and file attachments. Our simulated phishing campaigns – combined with our anti-phishing services – can provide your business with comprehensive protection from cyber-attacks.


Every Employee Matters

Everyone in your organisation is susceptible to social engineering attacks regardless of their position in the company. No matter if cyber-attacks are targeting customer-support employees, IT staff or executives, any mistake can lead to a large-scale security breach.

That is why we target everyone at your organisation with our security awareness training. We define target audience groups at your organisation and tailor our training materials and simulated phishing campaigns to prepare them to identify cyber-threats before it is too late.

Our Training is Hands-on

We believe in the learning-by-doing approach, hence why our anti-phishing training simulates real-world attacks. We prepare your employees for the worst, so they have better chances identifying actual cyber-attacks targeting them.

While others may provide online courses, email campaigns or instructor-led training, the engagement rate with these formats is usually poor. Employees will not interact with training materials stuffed with irrelevant or stale content.

We simulate actual phishing campaigns to prepare your employees for the worst. Our campaigns are using email templates based on actual phishing campaigns seen in the wild. We identify areas where your employees the most vulnerable and then take the appropriate action.



The Improvement is Measurable

We believe in hard data, that is why we build our training programs on measurable goals

Security awareness training and campaigns often fail to demonstrate their value. Do your employees spend endless hours on generic classroom training and unhelpful online courses, yet your employees keep clicking on those phishing emails?

Our simulated phishing campaigns, however, can measure how many of your employees have opened, clicked on or reported a phishing email. We can not only demonstrate the value of our awareness training by relying on hard data but can also target the most vulnerable segment of your employees by monitoring the key metrics.